Is your grinding filtration and extraction up to scratch?

Identifying and maintaining the best type of extraction and filtration for both wet and dry grinding applications can bring a range of business benefits. These include cost-savings through increased coolant life, improved surface finish and reduced production down-time. Most importantly of all though is the benefits it can bring to employee health.

CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations require all employers to use and maintain effective control measures to protect employees from exposure to hazardous substances - a subject Multi-Fan Systems and its parent company Filtermist International have extensive experience in.

Filtermist has published an article containing advice from its extended team on the best way to ensure your operatives are working in a safe and productive environment, including the following from Multi-Fan's Sales Director, Kevin Hood:

“As with wet grinding, the nature of specific applications will dictate the best extraction system. Sometimes individual filters offer the best solution, alternatively the dust and fume from grinding operations can be captured as part of a centralised extraction system designed to remove a range of contaminants from workshop air.

“If a central system is installed, extraction points should be fitted as near to the operation as possible and operators should be trained on the importance of ensuring the extraction hood position is maintained.”

Please follow this link to read the article in full.

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