Dust Control for Toner Cartridge Filling Machines


A technology leader in business solutions, Ricoh Products (UK) Ltd already has several Multi-Fan Systems dust control installations within their various production facilities. Following the installation of two new filling machines, Multi-Fan Systems were again selected to provide the necessary dust control system, including an in-built extra capacity for two future filling machines.

A pre-requisite to install the filters inside the building provided particular challenges with respect to explosion venting (the dust is potentially explosive) and noise control.


Protecting operators from potential harm caused by inhalation of dust is always the prime consideration when designing dust control systems. In this instance, to achieve this protection, it was necessary to install a series of purposed designed capture hoods, enclosure booths and articulated extraction arms to remove dusts emitted from various sources. A range of galvanised steel ductwork, earth bonded, with sealed joints was installed to connect the various dust capture points into either of two dust filters.

The particle size and searching nature of toner necessitated very careful filter selection. Working in conjunction with a specialist filter manufacturer, surface treated cartridges (subject to a dust pre-loading regime) were selected as being the best solution. Secondary HEPA filters were also built into the filter bodies - so enabling warm factory air to be returned to the production area so providing substantial energy saving.

The internal location of the dust filters (remote from an external wall) necessitated the installation of carefully designed ducts to vent the explosion panels 6 metres out through the building roof.

To ensure compliance with maximum noise level limits, the two extraction fans were installed inside acoustic enclosures, attenuators were incorporated into the discharge ductwork and a muffler box was installed around the reverse jet cleaning pulse valves.

Ricoh project engineer, Matt Surmacz comments: -

"Thanks again for another successful dust control installation. An excellent level of service was provided from your team throughout the length of the project, demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and skills in all aspects of the project from the design and quotation through to installation and commissioning. I look forward to working with you all again on the next project".