Automatic Feeding of Component Assembly Machines


Historically, the two individual components of the rivet (ie mandrels and bodies) were manually loaded into the assembly machines. This procedure required operators to climb steps in order to tip trays of components into the high level inlets on top of the assembly machines.

The client's requirement was to remove all manual handling aspects from this filling process. Multi Fan Systems were recommended to the client by an existing supplier - eventually resulting in an order being received for a turn-key solution.


Two specially designed storage stillages were installed alongside each machine, one holding bodies and the other mandrels. Vibrating tray feeders were used to dispense the contents of these stillages (at a controlled rate) into suction conveying lines. The suction lines terminated above the assembly machine hoppers with gravity actuated flap valves - facilitating an automatic batch feed of components into their respective hoppers. Conveying fans were mounted in an array at high level along an adjacent wall, so avoiding the use of valuable floor space.

The control system was installed with programmable logic, providing flexibility for future additions and development. The success of the first system led to further contracts to provide feed systems to several more assembly machines.