VOC Abatement - Brake pad/linings manufacturer


As part of a major building redevelopment project, a well know manufacturer of brake pads and linings for the automotive and railway industry set about moving and refurbishing all of their manufacturing processes. This included relocating and upgrading many of their existing extraction systems and installing new abatement systems to meet current UK and European emission limits, particularly for VOC and odour control.


As well as assisting with the relocation and upgrading of many of the dust and fume extraction systems on site Multi-Fan Systems, together with their partner Brofind Spa, were selected to supply and install two separate Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers, (RTO’s), to treat VOC and odour emissions from two specific process areas, both of which included processes such as curing ovens, scorch platens, bake ovens etc.

Two separate three canister regenerative thermal oxidisers were installed outside the building adjacent to the respective production areas. The various process emission points were connected to the RTO’s via a range of longitudinal seam welded ductwork which was thermally insulated and clad with aluminium to minimise condensing of materials in the duct. Both systems were designed to achieve an abatement efficiency of >95% for VOC.